Bulk Buying Of Bead And Jewelry Making Supplies Increase Your Profit For A Home Based Business


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    Is your home getting a bit crowded? Are all of your closets full of your bead supplies? Many jewelry makers start innocently enough. They visit a bead store, Hobby Lobby, or Michaels and then they buy some beads. Then some more. Pretty soon, it becomes the game of “whoever has the most beads when they die wins.” This can be an expensive hobby. There is hope though. You need to find less expensive ways to purchase your beads AND you need to start selling your jewelry.

    As you already know, all you need to start up your own jewelry business are beads and jewelry making supplies. Making your new jewelry business a home based business makes it even more economical. Your bead and jewelry making supplies are very inexpensive, since you already have your hands, and there is no overhead when working out of your home.

    Bulk Buying

    Your bead and jewelry making supplies can and should be bought wholesale and also in bulk. It is much cheaper for the new business owner to buy their beads and jewelry making supplies in bulk. The bead and jewelry making suppliers give deep discounts when the consumers buy in bulk quantities. It would be wise to select one type of jewelry to make at first. Again, it is cost effective, because your inventory will be limited to a specific type of bead or jewelry component. And being a new jewelry business owner, this gives you the opportunity to practice on the specific item until you perfect it. My favorite online sources for beads is findings are They offer bulk discounts after purchasing 15 or more items. They also have amazing bead sales. I’ve even gotten 15 inch strands of marble beads for 25 cents per strand! You can also shop on and buy directly from China and India. Be prepared for a 1 month delivery time. Also, be sure to avoid gold plated jewelry or any wire for wire wrapping, because it may use a nickel base metal, which causes allergic reactions in 5% of all Americans.

    Choosing Beads

    When choosing your bead and jewelry making supplier, remember to research the company before making a decision. It is always wise to ask a fellow jewelry business owner who they would recommend. If the supplier gets good reviews from fellow artisans, then you generally can depend on that supplier.

    Itís also a good idea to decide on one style of bead to use before you pick a supplier. Maybe you should buy from a supplier who specializes in the one specific bead you are interested in. There are hundreds of locations for bead and jewelry making supplies all over the world. A good rule of thumb is that if you are choosing, for instance a Bali pearl, you should buy from a supplier in Bali. But then again, Austrian Swarovski crystals can be purchased in the U.S. for a very fair price. But normally if you are seeking a bead from a specific region in the world, the cost of a middleman is taken out if you buy direct.

    There are hundreds of internet sites where you can find bead and jewelry making supplies. The number of bead suppliers alone run in the hundreds. If you are looking for the average wooden, ceramic, plastic or glass bead, the internet can become your best friend. All of the bead and jewelry making suppliers have competitive pricing. But be sure and research the quality of the bead before you make your final selection. If you follow all of the above and you already know how to make jewelry, your home based jewelry business will be simple to start. Good Luck!

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